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Our special boy who started our love affair with Australian Labradoodles came to us from Willows Australian Labradoodles.  He is the most amazing family dog, he has so many wonderful qualities. He seems to instinctively know how each member of the family is feeling and whether they need a cuddle or to play.  As a family with SEN children, it is so special to see how much he helps them and the difference he's made to their lives.  He has the most human eyes, you really feel as if he's talking to you and reading your thoughts. He's also got a really goofy character and keeps us entertained all the time with his quirky little ways.  He gives the best cuddles, with lots of ear licks, whether we want them or not.  
Eli is 19 inches tall and weighs 14kg. His coat is curly fleece and a beautiful pale apricot colour. He has a liver coloured nose and stunning dark brown eyes.

Health Information

Registration: WALA00023318

                       ALAEU (Awaiting registration number)

Elbows: BVA Score 0

Hips: BVA Score 10

Tested for: DM, EIC, IC, PRa, Vwd, 



After a long and extensive search we finally found our perfect breeding girl.  Aubrie came to us from Australian Labradoodles of Ireland.  She is full of energy and character and quickly established herself as part of the family.

She's intelligent, fun, fearless, always ready to play and has the biggest of characters, she loves her food too! She's such a loving little girl, she is always there for a cuddle and loves to sleep across your feet. Within days her and Eli were inseparable, you can guarantee wherever Eli is, Aubrie's tucked in at his side.

Aubrie has a beautiful red caramel coat with white markings, a rose coloured nose and striking Hazel eyes. She will be of medium size.

We are waiting for her to come of age and are really excited for her to join our breeding programme from late 2021.

Health Information

Registration: WALA00037982


Elbows: Will be BVA tested at 12 months old

Hips: Will be BVA tested at 12 months old

Tested for: DM, EIC, IC, PRa, Vwd,