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Australian Labradoodles

Australian Labradoodles make the perfect family pet, they are very loving, full of character and highly intelligent trainable dogs. They have a magical aura that compares to no other, eager to please, smart and have an almost human like quality. They seem able to understand the humans around them, making them a special part of the family and especially good for therapy work. 
With the intent to create a breed that was allergy and asthma friendly with the temperament of a service dog, the Australian Labradoodle breed dates back to the 1980's. Initiated by Wally Conran of Royal Guide Dogs located in Victoria Australia.   

Australian Labradoodles were created by adding some other breeds into the mix for the early generations Labradoodles. They are a combination of  Poodle, Labrador Retriever, Irish Water Spaniel, Curly Coat Retriever, American Cocker Spaniel and English Cocker Spaniel.

Multigenerational Australian Labradoodles are those who have been Multi-generation Australian Labradoodle bred to another Multi-generation Australian Labradoodle for multiple generations (minimum of 4 generations).

They are widely used around the world as guide and assistance dogs and they are very popular family dogs. Their non-shedding allergy friendly coat means that 95% of people with asthma and/or allergies will not have reactions to the dander or the coat of the Australian Labradoodle



  • The "Standard" Labradoodle: over 22" at the highest point of the shoulders

  • The "Medium" Labradoodle: 17" to 21" to the shoulder

  • The "Miniature"/"Mini" Labradoodle: 14" to 16" at the shoulder

Coat Types

  • Australian and American Multi Generation coats: Woolly, Curly, Curly Fleece, and Fleece. These are non-shedding and allergy friendly.

  • F1B coats: Woolly, Curly, Fleece, Wavy, Borderline wavy and hair. These can either be shedding or non-shedding.

  • F1 coats: Wavy, Borderline Wavy and Straight. All these coat types vary in shedding from a light/moderate to heavy shedding



Chalk is one of the easiest recognized colour. It's chalky white and dogs have a dark nose.

Cream is an off white colour that can vary from little darker than chalk to a deeper cream colour. They also have a dark nose.

Gold or Apricot have golden or a colour of the inside of a ripe apricot, with ears sometimes darker gold and a black nose.

Caramel have a similar colour as the gold/apricot except they have a rose or brown nose.

Red Australian Labradoodles range from orangey red to a dark red and quite often lighten with age. Reds have a black nose, except for red caramel, when they have the brown or rose nose ( and this is the colour of our female, Aubrie)

Black Australian Labradoodles have a very luxurious black coat, always with black nose.

Chocolate Australian Labradoodles have different shades. Puppies can grow to become Parchment, Lavender, Cafe or stay Dark Chocolate (brown). They always have rose or brown nose, never black. 

Reserving your Puppy

To reserve a puppy please contact us by email.  We will reply, usually within 24 hours, to discuss the next steps.  We ask for £200 non-refundable deposit to join our waiting list.  We will take preferences for sex and colour, but the less specific you are the quicker you are likely to get your "Little Buddy".

We work hard to produce pups of a very high standard, our breeding dogs will undergo extensive and genetic health testing to ensure the puppies are free from any disease or defects.  This is reflected in our prices. We ensure that we are always available for advice to all our families for the lifetime of their "Little Buddy".


What to expect with your puppy

  • Micro chip

  • Current vaccinations and worming

  • 30 Day Pet Insurance

  • Your puppy will be contracted to a spayed/neutered agreement and this is not negotiable

  • 4 Generation Pedigree to be received only once spay & neuter has been done

  • Puppy toys

  • Puppy Collar

  • Grooming brush

  • Small scented blanket from mother and siblings to help them settle

  • Ali's choice Puppy Food . This ensures healthy skin and coat. It also ensures proper growth and nutrition from the balance of various vitamins, proteins and fats.

  • Comprehensive information on how to care for your new puppy, potty training, feeding, grooming, etc.

  • A lifetime of continued support from us

Feeding, Grooming & Exercise


Our dog's are fed with Ali's choice dry food, this has been designed by a breeder of Australian Labradoodles following extensive research. A bag will be supplied with your puppy. 


It is important that regular grooming of your Australian Labradoodles becomes part of your routine.  If you do this it is is very easy to look after their coats. If you let the coat care slip however, it can become a problematic in a short space of time, so make sure you keep on top of it!


As a rule puppies can exercise for 5 minutes per month of age so for example a 3 month old puppy could manage 10-15 mins walk, 4 months 20 mins etc. Playing outside and short periods on a lead will provide puppy a safe amount of exercise, it is always more beneficial for puppies to play fetch, take part brain games and early training etc. at a young age as opposed to long walks on the lead.  We find that playing with members of the family is by far the most rewarding for us and our puppies

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